How to create a great website for a restaurant / Cafe

In the movie Burnt the Maiter D  talks about the whole experience and how answering the phone for a booking is part of it – to add to this I say that the first point of contact, the website also has an important part to play.

Most dining experiences will start with the website as it is accessed to get contact details, directions or used to make a booking and if this experience is not in line with the dining experience then the full experience will not be achieved.

Meirav Dulberg
Get your message across with imagery online

Your website probably has beautiful banner photos that help communicate your message to your visitors. But is this enough? 

To maximize your presence online you must keep up your communication style across all media channels – social, blogging & EDMs. 

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Make your blog stand out on the web with photos, keywords & a great title

Recently many of my clients expressed interest in blogging, so I set them up with a blog and sent them off to the blogging world...

To help them, I have put together a list of a few blogging tools and tips so you can maximize the use of your blog and also help your overall business website as you do.

This article is aimed to help business owners that blog  - whether using BloggerWordpressSquarspace or a custom blog, these tips will hep you with your blogging strategy. 

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Legal Tips for Business Websites

Having an effective website is critical for every business. But it can be easy to get caught up in design and content, without having regard to important legal issues. 

Here are three legal tips for business websites...

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What makes a great 'website coming soon' page

As a web developer, I often hear 'horror' stories about my clients experiences with other web companies. Last week I was approached by a new customer who has been waiting for 4 months for his new website and decided to use my services instead. 

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How to to bring your business idea to life - online in easy steps

Being involved in the Bringing Your Business Idea To Life Expo got me thinking about start ups and decided to put together a 'guide' for start ups for their online presence.

As a start up, you are probably overwhelmed by all the tasks you need to get done before even launching your product - business registration, banking, branding, product development, testing, packaging, social media....the list goes on and on!

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YouTube Channel Tips for business

You tube is a great social media channel as it provides a platform to share video content online. More and more businesses are using YouTube so I put together a few tips to help you maximise results from your channel.

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SEO - It's (almost) all about the copy....

As a web developer, I’m often asked ether by a client, on an online forum or a network about SEO. It is one of the most talked about issue for website owners – how can I rank better on Google (or any search engine). 

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