How to get your Google Review URL and get reviewed on Google!

Reviews (or testimonials) are an important part of any business today as recommendations are becoming more and more a very important part of the purchase decision making process – especially with Millennials.

Positive comments on profile

Testimonials on your company websites are not enough as people are looking for ‘real’ reviews and recommendations. Therefore, reviews on social media or Google are important.

Reviews on Google are not only perceived as ‘real’ but also play a big part in SEO.

Asking for a Google Review is not always easy and if not simple, your clients will not bother to complete.

This is a guide on how you can obtain your own URL to share with clients and ask for Google reviews.

Step 1:

Go to  -

Step 2:

Enter your Google Listing Name as it appears on your listing in the ‘enter a location’ field – a few options might appear in the drop-down so select yours and hit enter. (see illustration)

Step 3:

Copy the Place ID (as per illustration).

Illustration for steps 2 & 3:

Step 4:

In the URL below, place your unique Place ID instead of the bold section <place_id> (basically right after the = sign with no space)<place_id>

For example, my Place ID is


Therefore, my URL will look like this:

Step 5:

Send this URL to your clients and ask for reviews.

They should see a popup like this one ready for them to write a review:

Don't forget to share this URL on social media and keep it handy and ready to email your clients once a job is completed! 


You can use these Google Reviews on other platforms to help promote your services excellence. Add at the end 'via Google Reviews' to add credibility

  1. As graphics on Instagram  / Facebook (copy the text on a graphic)
  2. On your website along side a logo or photo
Meirav Dulberg