YouTube Channel Tips for business

You tube is a great social media channel as it provides a platform to share video content online. More and more businesses are using YouTube so I put together a few tips to help you maximise results from your channel.

You can upload a company video, training videos, testimonials and much more. 

1. Name your channel as your business name to make it easier to find

2. Add channel description and include your key words for your business description

3. Add ‘tags’ to your channel to help appear in results. Some ideas are your business name, your name, 
    industry, topics you cover

4. Add ‘tags’ to each video describing the content

5. Add video thumbnails to help find your videos

6. Add ‘Channel Art’ which is a banner for your channel. Ideally in similar branding to your website

7. Add a profile image – perhaps your logo or an image you use for branding

8. Add links to your website, blog, social media channels.

Meirav Dulberg