What makes a great 'website coming soon' page

As a web developer, I often hear 'horror' stories about my clients experiences with other web companies. Last week I was approached by a new customer who has been waiting for 4 months for his new website and decided to use my services instead. 

The fist thing I quickly fixed or him was his 'coming soon' page. 
It was made out of a picture saying 'coming soon' nothing else which was hurting his business since potential customers had no way to contact him and he did not look professional.

He is offering a high end home improvement service so it was crucial for his business.

So what does a great 'coming soon' page should include?


First, set up your coming soon page professionally as you would a full site with Meta tags - title, description and keywords. This will help you build your ranking and will help to be fund on Google.


A coming soon page does not include more than one paragraph but be sure to include business name as a heading (h1) and a short description of the business (h2) before saying it is coming soon.


If you already have a brand / logo use it on yuor page - let visitors know who you are.
If you have product photos or any other stock photos you can use one to again help showcase your brand.


Most important - don't forget your contact info. Include your phone, email and address if you operate from a premises.


Even if your website is not ready there is no reason not to start a social media campaign - in fact it is better to start early. Add your social media links to your coming soon page and encourage visitors to connect there to hear about the coming website. This will capture them now so when you are ready to launch they will know.


Set up a mailing list and ask visitors to register to hear about your new website.


If you have a launch date, provide the info on your page but be sure to change it if it is pushed back or do not 'advertise' it if you are unsure.

Here is a recent samlpe #webby developed:

Meirav Dulberg