Top Tips for landing pages

Notepad Showing Landing Page Concept

What is a ‘landing page’?

Any page that visitors land on your site is theoretically a landing page. Your home page is the most obvious one and must be designed and developed carefully.

When the term ‘landing pages’ is used in marketing it is often referred one page specifically designed for a specific action – for example purchase a product , attend an event or a sign up.

Landing pages are in most cases a result of a marketing campaign – for example TV, Facebook, Google ads or print – no matter what platform you invest time and $$ - simply bringing visitors to your site is not enough. A dedicated page with a clear call to action will be more efficient than directing to company home page.

5 Tips for creating an effective landing page:

Minimal - ‘less is more’ focus on your main message.
Only include the information relevant to this campaign.

Action – include a clear ‘call to action’
This is the reason for your page so it should be front and centre of the page – appearing above the fold, middle and end (if the page is long and scrolls). Your CTA must be clear on what you want to achieve.

A call to action can be:

  • register (mailing list for example) to create a database for future marketing

  • sell a product

  • book an event

No disruptions –
Make sure there is no way to navigate out of the page unless it is to take action.
(this means no navigation menu on this page)

Strong imagery & Clever Copy
Use your product photos or a relevant stock photo to help grab attention to your page. Graphic work that aligns with your brand is also essential.

Invest in good copy - make sure your message is simple and clear.

Simple URL - make it memorable
The URL that you assign to your landing page is very important - often your ad will only be viewed for a few seconds so the URL needs to be simple and easy to remember.

This can be:

  • part of your domain as a folder:

  • A sub Domain:

  • a completely new domain for this campaign

A few examples for good landing pages:


There are a few great platforms that you can set up your landing page:

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Meirav Dulberg