Tips for choosing the right Domain Name for your website

You have a great business idea and a creative business name...

When its time for a website you enter your business name in a domain availability search but....its not available!

sounds familiar?

At Webby, dealing with start ups I come across this all the time and therefore I put together a few solutions with some key points to consider when choosing a domain name.

Register domain and business together (if you can)

This is for those who did not register a business name yet, when you do, look up domain availability at the same time to avoid disappointments.

Multiple Domains

You can have a few domain names pointing to the same website - this means you can have a selection to use in your marketing campaigns.

Make it relevant what you do

Google loves when a key word is in your domain name - therefore try and include a key word in it. for example has my key words 'web design' withing the domain name.

Make it short and memorable

Shot Domain names work best on signage, cards, is much easier for layout and much easier for your potential customers to remember and look for.

If you business is a long name - try and think of a short domain name to use as your main domain for marketing. for example will be a great one for me though my official business name is Webby Web Design.

You are your brand

In some cases you are your business and people might look for you and not your business name. For example a marriage celebrant with a trading name will still be looked at on her own name as couples will remember her name for referrals. If this is the case buy another domain with your name and link to the same site.

Think about the future

You might start your business buy making one type of product but have plans to expand. your business name or domain name might be effected by it in the future. If you already have plans, take it into account and buy the relevant domains.


If you have a long business name buy the acronym version of it as well as the full name. This way you can use the acronym version in your marketing to make it easy to remember and work better visually. for example for Webby Web Design also register


If your desired domain name is not available, try a version with a dash (-). for example my client Eat Sweet could not register so registered For marketing it is sometimes easier to show a domain with a dash so you can buy it anyway as an extra domain.

Get a few Domain Extensions

There are many domain extensions available, the most popular one (and the global one) is .com. Try and grab it in addition to your main one for your country (for example for Australia) or another.

In conclusion, put some thought into choosing a domain, think about the plans for your business and remember you can always have more than one all linked to the same site.

If a domain is unavailable you can register to buy it when available - this is important if you can see it is not being used. In many cases it will become available at some stage.

Meirav Dulberg