The importance of adding a 'favicon' to your website

Recently Google introduced changes to how it displays mobile search results. Mobile search results now display a website’s icon (also know as Favicon) and name above the title of the URL.

This is how mobile search results now look like:

If you do not have a Favicon on your site the icon will default to a global icon.

How to add a Favicon to a website:


To add a Favicon to a Sqaurespace site, upload an image to the design section (under logo and title)


To add a favicon in code - copy this code to your website header (<link href="favicon.ico" rel="shortcut icon" />) and upload the image to your main folder and name is favicon.ico.

To read more about Favicons and how it can help your brand, follow this link to a blog post by Maybury Ink:

Meirav Dulberg