How to ask for reviews on Google


I have been asked by a few clients how to get the link for Google Reviews so they can send to this customers. I wrote a post a bout this last year but since there is a much easier way. 

Please follow the screen shot tutorial to get your Google Reviews URL: 

Step 1: 

go to and look up your business name - for example 'Webby Web Design.'

You will see your listing on the right (note you must set up a listing first). 

Click on 'write a review':

Step 2:

A pop up window will appear. you might be asked to login.

Copy the long URL as highlighted below. 

mine for example is:,3,,,


Step 3:

Shorten the URL: go to and add the long URL, a short URL will be produced for you to use. My for example is:


Step 4:

Test this by sending first to someone you know or testing in an incognito browser session. 

The link should look like this with a pop up asking to login or already signed in if the recipient is logged in from their browser. 


Now you can send this URL to your customers and asked to be reviewed! 

Meirav Dulberg