Get your message across with imagery online

Your website probably has beautiful banner photos that help communicate your message to your visitors. But is this enough? 

To maximize your presence online you must keep up your communication style across all media channels – social, blogging & EDMs. 

Here are my top tips on how to get your message across with imagery.

Don’t forget your brand! 

Anything you do online becomes part of your brand and therefore what you do outside your website reflects on our overall strategy.You must be consistent with your website. 

Contact your web designer or graphic designer and get some direction in regards to photos you can use from existing site / print or ideas to complimenting styles. If you can’t afford them designing photos for you that’s fine, at least get some direction.

Buy photos

You can’t use any photos from the web, it must be royalty free. The most affordable way is to get a membership with a stock photo website such as on shutterstockistock or fotolia for example. they all offer photos from $1. All you need is the basic web licence for social media posts.

When looking for a photo you might be offered ‘similar photos’ if they all work for you, get a set that works together.

Why not take your own photos?

You might not be a professional photographer but people want to see your life on social media so be creative, take photos of new products arriving to store, your coffee cup, office view…you can filter and edit to get greet results with most smart phones these days.

Create Banners

Photos alone are not always enough, a short message incorporated will help you communicate your message. You can use Photoshop if you have the skills, Fiverr (submit jobs for $5) or Canva

I love Canva – thought I can design my own, I do use it for my social posts as it is quick and easy – takes 5 minutes and you get a beautiful banner.

I asked Clare from Blade Creative to add some of tips on using images online:

  1. Stay true to your brand -  if your brand were a person and this image were a piece of clothing, is it something that he or she would wear?
  2. Avoid clutter - let your words breathe and make sure images support your message rather than detract from it.
  3. Keep it short, sweet and simple


Keep all your photos in one place as you can re-use them in the future. For example a Christmas photo can be re-used the following year, simply add a different message or even change color filters for a fresh look.

Ask your web designer for original photo files used on your website so you can re-use them in different ways. 

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to use photos online, just remember everything is part of your online brand and there are many ways you can achieve great results without spending too much $...

Meirav Dulberg