Five ways to effectively display testimonials on your website

July 17, 2013

Show your Testimonials on your website

Business owners work hard on collecting testimonials, but once collected, what is the best way to display them on your company website?

Recently I helped a few clients with exactly that and so put together a few options and samples.

1. Text Testimonial

This is the most common way and is very good for SEO. Copy of the testimonial is places on the page alongside an appropriate photo or company logo

This can be one on a testimonial page or simply displayed throughout the site on various pages. This is great if you offer a few services – place a testimonial relating to the specific service on the page.

Example (testimonial on a specific page):

Example (a page for testimonials): 

2. Slide Show

For a more attractive display – especially when a product is involved, a gallery with image & text is a great option. This option does not help as much with SEO but is a more attractive and effective way to showcase testimonials.

3. Video Testimonials

Web videos are becoming more and more popular. A video testimonial is very powerful as visitors can relate to ‘real people’ more than to text. It is not always possible to film everyone but if creating a web video make sure you incorporate a few testimonials in it.

Video testimonials can be incorporated in a company video (see example - or set up on a YouTube company channel as individual videos.

4. Screen Shots from Social Media

Social media plays a big part in receiving testimonials. Clients will often write a testimonial on your Facebook page or via LinkedIn as it is quick and easy. A screen grab from Facebook / LinkedIn can be placed on your site in a clever way.

5. Flip Book 

A PDF can be converted to an HTML flip book. This can be used to display testimonials on a site in a book style (like a guest book)