Five Ways To Attract Millennials To Your Company Website

A website should appeal to the generation it is targeting and if Millennials are part of your target market your website should appeals to them as well.

How To Attract Millennials To Your Company Website - blog by Webby web (web developer, Bayside Melbourne)

Millennials’ expectations are different compared to the previous generations, therefore business owners need to make sure that their digital strategy and company website appeals to their expectations.

In this article I will explore Millennial behavior when it comes to websites and offer my tips to help you create a website targeted for millennials.  

Who are the Millennials?

Also known as Generation Y, they are born between 1980 and 2000 (the youngest Millennials now 18 and oldest 38 with young families).

Millennials consumer habits are typically defined by these characteristics:

  • Brand loyalist who write product reviews

  • Tech-savvy

  • Extremely well-networked and connected (online)

  • Post pictures of their favorite products on social networking sites.

  • Strong sense of community

  • Enterprising

  • Authentic & transparent

How to attract Millennials to my website?

fast and responsive website - blog by Webby web (web developer, Bayside Melbourne)

1. Fast and responsive (mobile friendly) web design:

“It should have quality and it should be fast.” is what Millennials live by.

Whether you are selling products or services, your website should show quality in the fastest and most convenient way possible (on any devise).

Millennials don’t even take a second look if it is not fast as they were born in a time where they had and still have access to everything within seconds.

As Millennials have digitally native capabilities, grow up with computers and later on, mobile phones they therefore expect a website to be responsive on any device. If your website is not responsive (or mobile friendly) you will lose them.

website navigation - blog by Webby web (web developer, Bayside Melbourne)

2. An easy to navigate and clean website

Minimalism is another principle that Millennials live by so keep it very simple.

Make your website  easy to use:
Millennials hate clutter on a website and pass over areas that appear to be bulky and difficult-to-use. They don't like to read information on that they need to hunt for and is buried under layers of pages.

Make information easy to find:
They want easy access to information that they don’t need to look for. Therefore, if they aren’t able to easily find what they are looking for, they will immediately switch over to another website.

Keep it short and simple:
Millennials are impatient, and they don’t want flashy videos, complicated text, or too much explanations. Keep your website product or service descriptions short and to the point.

3. Keep your website up to date and be ‘social’

social website - blog by Webby web (web developer, Bayside Melbourne)

Millennials are annoyed when a website is not kept up-to-date with content, news, and trends. Therefore, even if you manage your company news via social media or apps, make sure your site is not neglected and content is up to date, and it looks modern and on latest trends.

They also say that they trust organizations that have an account on social media more than those that don’t, and most will always check businesses out on social media. So, keep your social icons visible and make sure your social media accounts are not neglected with your last post from months ago.

As they want to be able to contact you in multiple ways, providing the social media option in addition to the traditional contact details (such as email and phone) is going to help them get in touch (so make sure your check and replay immediately to their messages or tweets)

Millennials will make a decision about a product or service based on reviews and recommendations by people they know. As they are so well connected online, if their ‘friends’ recommend a product this will heavily influence them. From your website, make it easy for your customers to review you on social media as their friends will see these reviews.

Website storytelling - blog by Webby web (web developer, Bayside Melbourne)

4. Tell your story and be personal

Millennials will use products and services they feel they connected with. This is why storytelling is the new topic that everyone is talking about. Telling story through your brand, and everything from your logo, photos and blog content, it is all about engaging content and make people feel connected to you and therefore your brand.  

Millennials don’t like it when we tell them what to do. They want the content to be warm, personal, and funny – not commanding and forceful. Your website copy should be written directly to them in a personal, transparent and approachable way.

5. Show that you care

Millennials love organisations and businesses that recognize the community and world around them and give back. So, if you are doing something to support a cause, make sure you showcase it on your website in a way that draws attention.

Good example is Lokai. Each item from their range aligns with a charity and shoppers can select the charity to give back to with each purchase. 

Meirav Dulberg