5 things to consider before adding your professional photo to your website

Today I had a professional photo-shoot - the intention was to get a new photo for my website. 

This made me think about this topic and since many of my clients ace this 'dilemma' I have decided to write about it.

Before you start, the first question is should you have a personal photo on your website? 
The answer depends on your type of business. If you are a service provider and you are your business than yes. Your website visitors and potential clients will want to see who you are and make a visual connection.

The second question is - what stage is your business at and who do you want to attract? 
Having a personal photo on the website will immediately tell your visitors that you are the business. If they are looking for a bigger service provider they might not contact you - but perhaps it is better to be 'up front' about it...

Now that you decided to include a photo a few things to consider.

1. Get a professional photo - if you do not have one it is better not to include any as it reflects badly on your brand.

2. Make sure it is not too dated (max 2 years old) and that it reflects who you are and what you brands is.

3. Don't try and be someone you are not as your potential clients will connect to your photo.

4. Make sure it works with your website - colors, size orientation.

5. If you work with a team - add their photos as well, as a group or individual. If as individual make sure they all work well together.

Good luck with your next photo - don't forget to smile!

Meirav Dulberg