Arabian Bites

website for food business

Arabian Bites is an artisan food manufacture for falafels in a verity of flavours. They are all handmade in Melbourne and are gluten free & vegetarian. They sell throughout retailers across Melbourne and in some markets.  

The website (developed first as a pop up website in 2013 and made to a full site in 2015) showcases the product with professional photos. There is a clear access to information for each of the flavours that is identified by a unique colour all form part of the brand. 

/ Collaboration with Blade Creative

 / Fully Customised Website

/ HTML Development

Webby was amazing - nothing was a bother to her - even if I rang her 100 times a day. She was an amazing person to work with and I have nothing but praise for her. She was very professional and made the whole process very smooth. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with.