What I learnt from my Japan Holiday and how I will apply on my business

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Holidays, time for a break, spend time with the family, explore, relax and recharge. My ideal holiday is a trip to a new place where I spend time exploring a new place or culture. I find that by doing that I get inspired and recharged and come back with more energy and new ideas for my business.

I recently spent 2.5 weeks in Japan with my family and here are some insights and things I learnt on my holiday.

Modern alongside tradition

One of the main things that I noticed right away is how Japan is so modern and advanced (with technology for example) but still very traditional in values and behaviour.

When designing a modern looking website, we must remember to keep some traditional elements:

  • provide the traditional contact options (ie phone) as some of your visitors will prefer that.
  • be personal in your language – don’t only use marketing phrases and a sales pitch
  • make your visitors feel welcomed

Be unique, creative and have fun

It is well known that Japanese are creative and have fun with fashion, food and design. this was very apparent, and I partially enjoyed seeing teenagers having a unique style and (not looking all the same as they mostly so here in Australia) and in cafes and restaurants in the way food was presented.

My goal has always been to create unique customised websites but after my trip I’m now inspired to try new designs and push my clients to think a bit more outside the box.

Treat each client like royalty

Everywhere I went even the smallest shop or café I felt like a queen. By this I mean that the service was always excellent beyond my expectations. everything is wrapped nicely and presented – even a small piece of chocolate.

This re-enforced to me how customer service is important. We tend to forget this sometimes.

I will put in place some more initiatives for my customers and re-look at my customer experience to make sure they feel like royalty with Webby.


‘arigatou gozaimasu’– I can’t count how many times I hear this phrase which means ‘thank you’
I loved Hearing this phrase over and over, it felt good. This reminded me that we need to be more thankful and simply say thank you more for those who help us.

This should apply to websites – thanking visitors and in business in general more gratitude to our customers.

so arigatou gozaimasu – thank you for reading this blog post 😊

Meirav Dulberg