Web Video Killed the Web Copy Star

Well not quite but Web Videos is becoming more and more popular as they helps the business communicate a message to visitors in a quick and visual way. A 1 to 2 minute video can communicate to visitors what your business is about, what you offer listed to testimonials and view samples / work all at the same time.

Web Video it is a great alternative to showcase what you offer to your visitors who do not have time to go through your whole site.

I put together a few ways you can incorporate a web video on your website. All alternatives are ones I believe that small business owners can use.

1. Professional video

A professional video is a great investment. A professional will film you at your business and put together a video incorporating film, photos, testimonials and all with a voice over. A professional video can cost from $500 to $2,000 so it is best to shop around. To view examples of professional videos for a few business types Visit this site http://www.blueg.com.au/video/video.html

See web videos they are used effectively on a website:

http://www.thepromodonna.com/ and http://www.achangeofplan.com.au/

2. DIY Video

If you have the right tools you can Do It Yourself video. Tools such as iMovie’s and Windows Video Maker can help. Make sure you incorporate a few elements for an effective video: video, photos, graphics, music and testimonials.

See this example for a DIY video: http://www.seaweedsally.com.au/

3. Animoto (www.animoto.com)

This is a great alternative – you can create a movie using images / graphics accompanied by music. You can also add short videos. There are a few plans to choose from. The video can be embedded on the website and shared easily on Social Media. 

See this example for an Animoto video created on a basic account: http://www.gorgeousgownsrus.com.au/

4. Speed Drawing Animation Video

This is a great way to communicate a simple message. Fiverr is an online community where you can get a simple video like this done for $5. 

See a sample from Fiverr: http://fiverr.com/phalbo/make-a-stopmotion-speed-drawing-animation-of-your-logo-company

5. Royalty Free Videos Clips

Short (a few seconds) videos that you can add to a slide show (like Animoto) or as is to your website. It can be a simple message for example a lady reading at the beach for a holiday accommodation type site, a bride getting ready for a bridal website…

See example here: http://au.fotolia.com/id/38681137

6. Training and testimonial videos

Using your video camera or even a smart phone you can take short videos of your clients with testimonials or create short ‘training’ or ‘how-to’ videos. If you upload to your YouTube channel it can be easily embedded on your website. These videos will add creditability and will help you position your profile. For example how to ice a cupcake for a cake decorating shop.

There are a few tools which allow you to upload a video on your website:

1. You Tube – The largest video sharing platform. It ranks well in Search Engine Results.

Videos can be uploaded to a channel (for your business) which can be optimised for SEO. The videos can be linked on embedded on your website / blog easily.

2. Vimeo – Vimeo gives more options with look and feel of the video. They also offer great tutorials on how to make your videos better: http://vimeo.com/videoschool

3. HTML 5 – with HTML 5 we can easily add videos to your site directly. It can be fully customised for your site. The disadvantage is that since it is new it is only supported by latest browsers and I uses your bandwidth instead of YouTube for example.

Meirav Dulberg