Re-branding? Steps to take on your website

 rebranding street sign against blue sky with clouds

Re-branding is a daunting experience - especially for an established business. There is so much to consider from logo, print, signage, community acceptance, social media and....yes your website.

I recently helped a client with their re-branding website task so put together these steps to help others.

It is not as simple as replacing your logo on your site, here are some other issues to consider:

1. Colors / style

Is your new brand in line with your old one? If yes, your new logo might just fit in and replace old one but otherwise some more cosmetic changes are required.

TIP - if you are happy with your website and only recently launched it, ask your graphic designer to take this into account when designing the new logo / brand to minimize changes.

2. Website photos

Are the photos on your website relevant to the new brand? do they show the old logo? you might consider replacing some photos or changing / removing old logo from them (with Photoshop for example).

3. Website Copy

Review your copy on your website and replace ALL references to the new name. Make sure you also review the tone and see that it is aligned to the new brand. 

4. Meta Tags

There tags on the back end of the website are often forgotten. go through and change your business name on Title, Description & Keywords. It might be worth while leaving the old name as a reference for transition period. 

6. Domain name

If you are changing your name as part of the re-brand you will need to move the website to a new domain. It is important to have a transition period where both domains are active. 

A few options:

Re-direct to new domain automatically (with a visible message on home page)
Set up a landing page on old domain with a message about the re-brand and link to the new site. 

7 . Links:

Make sure all links to your website from online directories and listings are updated. not only the link but any assets such as logo, photos, text. 

Meirav Dulberg