Make your blog stand out on the web with photos, keywords & a great title

Recently many of my clients expressed interest in blogging, so I set them up with a blog and sent them off to the blogging world...

To help them, I have put together a list of a few blogging tools and tips so you can maximize the use of your blog and also help your overall business website as you do.

This article is aimed to help business owners that blog  - whether using BloggerWordpressSquarspace or a custom blog, these tips will hep you with your blogging strategy. 


Using photos on your blog post is very important - this is not for your ranking but for your readers. Making your post visual will help with engagement and click rate from Social Media.

All you need is one photo per post that captures the post.

Where to find photos?

If you have your own product photos that's great - use them. Otherwise you can buy some stock photos on shutterstockistock or fotolia for example. they all offer photos from $1. All you need is the basic web licence for a blog post.

TIP: What ever you use, make sure they are royalty free - you can not use any picture you find on the web without permission...

How to make your blog post photo stand out?

A photo on it's own is not always enough, adding text / headline to the photo will help with social media click through.

If you do not have the right software (like Photoshop)  you can use a tool such as Canva
It is very easy to use, and its free for many of their designs. Choose a blog post template and you can even get the image from them (sometimes for free) or upload your own.

See a screen shot from Canva - some of the templates you can choose from:


I used a Canva image template for blog post on this post for example.



One of the reasons you are blogging is probably to help with your search engine ranking. it is therefore very important to make sure you include all your keywords in your post and add them as labels / tags.

You can use a keyword search tool such as Google Keywords Planner  to help you with this.

TIP: Make sure you include your keywords in your title as Google looks at title first thing.


Now that your post is out, it is important to promote it on social media and to your clients. 

Don't just 'share' the post, use a different intro about the post on the different channels and schedule to post on different days & make sure you upload your image to the posts.

Google Plus - it is very important to post on Google plus is it will appear on search engines. If you are using Blogger and Google Plus is linked it will be automatically.

TIP: On LinkedIn - publish as an article and copy the post to LinkedIn (or most of it) with a link to the post.

Your Clients - send an email to your clients (again using same image) with a brief bout the post and a link to your blog. If you post regularly combine a few posts into one email.

In conclusion, blogging can be an effective marketing tool for your business is done right, it is sometimes not enough to only have a great post, a few add ons such as an image and a great title will make it stand out on the web.  

Meirav Dulberg