Howto incorporate video content to your company website

Online Videos are extremely popular these days and help convert your website visitors into paying clients. There are many was you can use video on your website - here are five examples.

Company Video

A 1-2 min video on your home page will help you showcase your business and what you can offer best. It can combine company message, testimonials and much more if done professionally. In some cases the offering is so unique or complex to explain in text and photos when a video is actually essentials for conversion and bounce rates.

This can be created as a live video or motion graphics.

see live example here

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials are very powerful. They should be only a few seconds long and can easily be embedded on your website.

No need for a professional videographer - take them with your smart phone and upload as is.

Once you have a few you can get a professional to put them all together to a one professional video.

See live example here

Vlog (Video Blog)

Always wanted to blog but don't like to write? maybe Vlogging is for you?  You can select a different topic every week and create a short blog with tips, tutorials or showcasing your products.

you can upload your videos to your website or simply link to your YouTube or Vimeo channel for visitors to follow.

Elevator Pitch Video

An about page is very important especially if you provide a service as potentials customers often will make a decision based on how the feel connected to you on this page.

A short video with a simple message (an elevator pitch) from YOU to support the text is a great way to invite potential customers to make contact. often they will feel more comfortable after seeing you say hi in a video!

Show your products

When buying online one thing that customer find frustrating is not being able to touch and feel the product. a video will take them one step closer. select a few of your products and show in a short video - a 360 view, close up and perhaps how it can be used. Upload to your product page and see if it makes a different to sales... 

Asos include a short video on each product page - this helps visitors

see live example here

In conclusion, web videos can make your website not only more attractive and dynamic but also will help showcase your product and services and convert visitors to clients! 

At Webby Web Design we love working with web videos and helped many customers with linking and embedding videos on their website. 

Meirav Dulberg