How to create a great coming soon page

Coming soon neon sign on brick wall background.

A website coming soon page is a great digital marketing tool as it helps creating a buzz for your new website and establish your online presence.

It is not good for your brand reputation if potential customers look it up and get a landing page from the domain provider. It is better to greet your customers and visitors with a coming soon page that communicates what is coming and when.

So why is a coming soon page is important?

  • It lets people know about your new business or product in advance.

  • It gives you credibility - while you are working on your site you might have important business meetings – perhaps meetings with investors. A professional coming soon page will help you show that you are serious and a ‘real’ business.

  • It starts building your domain authority while you are working on the new website, this means you start building your search results for your brand and search engines will start crawling your website.

  • It can be used as a tool to build a database and build your list so when your site is ready you can communicate to potential customers.

Tip for creating an effective coming soon page:


‘launching soon’ “something big is coming”, “be the first to know” are just a few alternatives to ‘coming soon’ - be creative and try different wording.


Tell your visitors what the website is all about. write a short description, don’t give away too much, just enough to generate interest and make them sign up for update or connect with you.


Showcase your brand on your coming soon page - include your logo (if you already have one), use brand colors and fonts. all of this will help build brand awareness.


If you have a professional photo to showcase use it as it ads to the impression of the site. You can show your product if it is ready or a location or your own if it is a personal brand.


Your coming soon page can include a few call to actions. some options:

  • Sign up: use your coming soon page to build a subscriber list. Once your site is ready you can send an announcement to this list and invite to take action on your site.

  • Online form – an enquiry form making it easy for visitors to contact you.

  • Invite to join your community on social media.


Set up your social media accounts, you can be active and share content while your website is being built. This creates engagement and excitement about the new website. Include links to your social media accounts on your coming soon page to help visitors stay in touch.

At Webby Web Design we encourage all our customers to set up a coming soon page, in fact we include this as pet of the project.

When a business is starting up and needs more time we do offer an alternative which is a ‘landing page’ or ‘one page mini site’ that includes more details than a basic coming soon page.

Here are some examples for coming soon pages developed by Webby:

Meirav Dulberg