The first step in getting your business online is to register your business’s domain name.

Your domain name effectively becomes your unique “address” on the Internet and allows people to find your business quickly and easily when they search for it.

Hosting is where your website files are 'stored' on the web. You will need an account with a hosting provider and this is where your new website files will be uploaded to.

At Webby, we can arrange for your hosting and domain name registration using a third party supplier. We will set up your hosting account, choose the right plan for your website, set up your email addresses.

We can also help you find the best domain name for your business, check availability, purchase, setup and administer your domain name registration. To do this we use a third party accredited Australian hosting company.

And if you already have a domain name and a hosting account we are happy to work with your preferred company - simple provide us with FTP details and we can upload your new website.

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